Vote intention - Germany

October 16, 2020
infratest dimap. Citation allowed if source is indicated. Trend since 2000

Majority of Germans support Macron's commitment to Europe

ARD-DeutschlandTREND May 2018

from May 9, 2018

Worries regarding misuse of personal data in the internet


ARD-DeutschlandTREND April 2018

from April 5, 2018

Political positions of the Christian Union are considered as just right by the majority of its supporters

ARD-DeutschlandTREND March 2018

from March 1, 2018

Social Democrats are seen as the winner of the coalition talks

ARD-DeutschlandTREND February II 2018

from February 15, 2018

Little understanding for long duration of government formation


ARD-DeutschlandTREND February 2018

from February 1, 2018

Majority supports chancellorship of Angela Merkel, but she has passed the peak of her power

ARD-DeutschlandTREND January 2018

from January 04, 2018

Critical evaluation of a contiuned grand coalition

ARD-DeutschlandTREND December 2017

from December 07, 2017

Germany after the failure of the "Jamaica" coalition talks

ARD-DeutschlandTREND special edition

from November 20, 2017

Support for "Jamaica"-coalition declines

ARD-DeutschlandTREND November 2017

from November 9, 2017

Germany after the Federal Election

ARD-DeutschlandTREND October 2017

from October 12, 2017

The route to the Election Night Forecast