Vote intention - Germany

December 7, 2017
Infratest dimap for the ARD-DeutschlandTREND. Citation allowed if source is indicated. Trend since 2000

Germany after the failure of the "Jamaica" coalition talks

ARD-DeutschlandTREND special edition

Support for "Jamaica"-coalition declines

ARD-DeutschlandTREND November 2017

Germany after the Federal Election

ARD-DeutschlandTREND October 2017

Education policy is the most important topic for the election decision

ARD-DeutschlandTREND September II 2017

Majority is against a driving ban on Diesel cars

ARD-DeutschlandTREND September 2017

Angela Merkel is expected to win the TV debate against Martin Schulz

ARD-DeutschlandTREND August II 2017

Manipulation affair of the automotive industry leads to lower trust and growing concerns about the German economy

ARD-DeutschlandTREND August 2017

G20 summit: For a majority, costs stand in no relation to benefits


ARD-DeutschlandTREND July 2017

Distance between Christian Union and Social Democrats increases

ARD-DeutschlandTREND June 2017

Political situation in the world is considered a threat to Germany

ARD-DeutschlandTREND May 2017