Analyses & Results

More than just figures

The majority of surveys commissioned by the ARD (the leading national TV channel) and its affiliated stations or other media get published. Due to lack of space, these surveys are always published only in extract or in summarised form.

Infratest dimap therefore aims at reporting the findings of current surveys on its website in more detail than it is possible in media publications. In this section you will find at least a study profile of every DeutschlandTREND survey (on Germany as a whole) and every LänderTREND survey (on individual German states) conducted by Infratest dimap (including the survey method, period of the fieldwork, sample size, margin of error etc.). In most cases you will additionally find a detailed written and graphical account of the core results (including detailed documentation of the questionnaire).

Data on the political mood in Germany are fully documented in the ARD-DeutschlandTREND surveys published since 1997, while the LänderTREND surveys portray developments of the political mood in individual German states. Please select the desired German state using the drop-down menu. Our KommunalTREND surveys cover the political mood before the respective local elections in particular regions and cities.

One of the core tasks of Infratest dimap is the scientific observation of all German federal and state elections and elections to the European parliament on behalf of the ARD. Our ElectionREPORTs are comprehensive election analyses based on the results of pre-election surveys and exit polls on Election Day.

In addition to the electoral surveys, Infratest dimap conducts scientific studies on a variety of socio-political topics for domestic and international clients.