Survey design

Infratest dimap’s ARD-DeutschlandTREND is a survey commissioned by ARD’s “Tagesthemen” and a number of daily newspapers. It periodically polls the current political opinion in Germany. The DeutschlandTREND is based on representative telephone interviews (CATI) with around 1.000 eligible voters in Germany (700 residents in Western Germany, 300 in Eastern Germany); the voting intention question is posed to 1.500 voters. The interview is closed with the collection of demographic data of the respondents (age, gender, occupation etc.). The ARD-DeutschlandTREND is conducted on a monthly basis. In the period before federal elections and in response to significant political events, “DeutschlandTREND extra” surveys are additionally conducted outside of the regular cycle.

The Contents of the ARD-DeutschlandTREND


A detailed analysis of results (spanning approx. 20 pages)

  • Key problems
  • Economic/personal situation
  • Level of satisfaction with government/opposition
  • Party preference
  • Candidate preference
  • Current topics
  • Graphic account of trend developments

Comprehensive tables with detailed results for 30 sub-groups (among other things)

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation and profession
  • Level of education
  • Region
  • Party preference


  • Survey design, survey period, sample size, etc.
  • Questionnaire
  • Error-margin listing

Results are distributed subsequent to their publication in ARD’s “Tagesthemen” and in the participating daily newspapers.

Opinion and Election Research

Opinion and Election Research
Roberto Heinrich