The election at a glance

In its ElectionREPORTs, Infratest dimap delivers extensive overviews of trends and patterns on all German federal and state elections, and elections to the European parliament. This product comprises a compact election analysis and a detailed documentation of data. The ElectionREPORT describes election results in their historic context and breaks down the results into regional and structural specifics. Both the voting behaviour of individual groups within the population and the motives behind voters’ choices are examined. Furthermore, the report explores the dynamics of the campaign up to Election Day. A brief outline of the campaign and the most important findings from Infratest dimap’s pre-election polls are also given special attention.

The Contents of the ElectionREPORT

Detailed election results

A comparison of election results

Structural analysis

  • Voter migration statistics
  • Regional and structural aspects of the election
  • Maps of electoral districts
  • Analyses of the election-day survey
  • Motives of the voting decision
  • Point in time when the voting decision was made
  • Voting results by selected groups within the population
  • Ballot splitting*
  • Political mood prior to the election
  • Documentation of the political situation
  • Results of the pre-election poll

General information on the electoral law and the parties

Documentation of Infratest dimap 6pm prognosis and predictions throughout election night

Tables with results of electoral districts

(*Germans mostly have two ballots: one for a candidate, one for a party)