Attaining reliable facts and figures

A Test of Endurance

Time and again, the results of electoral research are “put to the test”. On Election Day, journalists can usually compare the forecast and exit-poll figures with the official preliminary election results in a matter of only hours after the closing of polling stations. By establishing the degree of accuracy of the figures provided before the closing of an election, they can ascertain the quality of our work.



The expectations of professionalism and expertise placed on Infratest dimap are invariably high. Our clients expect us to employ top quality surveying methods, to use accurately selected samples, to ask the kind of questions and apply the kind of tools which will produce meaningful responses, and to employ reliable projection techniques. They also take for granted that our researchers master and optimise all pertinent processes – meaning everything from sophisticated survey design to computer-animated presentations. On the whole, our clients expect an exceptionally high degree of precision and timeliness.


Method Diversity

For all its field work, Infratest dimap relies on tried and proven, ISO-certified resources made available by TNS Infratest. Incorporation into the TNS Infratest Group also ensures maximum method diversity. Infratest dimap offers its clients the whole spectrum of methods, all of them applied on the respectively highest-possible technical and organisational standard:

  • Election-day surveys (exit polls)
  • Telephone surveys (CATI)
  • Face-to-face interviews (CAPI/P&P)
  • Mail interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Qualitative techniques (focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc.)

Different target groups and different polling issues require appropriate methods of surveys in each individual case. Infratest dimap always selects the ideal technique for each client and his particular concern.

Contact Person Methods

Contact Person Methods

Michael Kunert

Managing Director

Michael Kunert